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Who we are

Just ‘Cos Catering is a two time Award winning London catering company with over 9 years experience in our pocket.  We are passionate about the taste and look of food and therefore thrive at creating delicious wholesome nourishing foods and fantastic brands that not only is pleasing to the eye but guaranteed to take your tastebuds on a journey!

After creating great tasting food and receiving rave reviews, it was inevitable that the idea to sell our home-made rubs and sauces would eventually come to fruition.

Just ‘Cos Rubs & Sauces is all about taste…make no mistake about that and are proudly home-made in our London based kitchen using locally sourced natural ingredients.

During the Covid Pandemic we decided to help by delivering wholesome home cooked meals to our clients, friends and family.  We also joined Marcus Rashford’s End Child Food Poverty Program and delivered foods to families all across London.  Just Cos Grub Hub was subsequently birthed out of unfortunate events but somewhat blessed opportunities.  And here we are. 

We want everyone to continue to enjoy our cooking in the comfort of their home as and when they choose to.